What better way to celebrate the past year than to review our most popular posts from 2022?

We continue our year-end countdown of the 100 most popular posts of the year here at Moteventure.

Some of my personal favorite stories from today’s post include exploring the mystery of the Illuminati, escaping a pursuing alligator, the dark side of Bill Haley (“Rock Around the Clock”), the back story on “American Gothic”, the disappearance of the Eileen Mor Lighthouse keepers many years ago, and the continued popularity of our “This…or That” series. That…and Kevin, the Millennial Hamster of course.

I invite you to join me as we unveil and revisit more of our Top 100 posts of the past twelve months!

As you can see, our readers/followers gravitated to everything from unsolved mysteries, Instagram inspirations, all things frozen, and even 2021’s year in review. Check back tomorrow for our next 25 moteventurously fascinating posts from 2022!

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