To us, being moteventurous means more than simply being an adventurous person. Anyone can find themselves on an adventure, whether planned or unexpected.

Being moteventurous means going above, beyond, and out of your way to find those opportunities in life that bring happiness, knowledge, camaraderie, well-being, and yes, adrenaline.

Every day, using our “Today’s 10” feature, we highlight 10 stories that exemplify a moteventurous life experience. It may be trying a new sport for the first time, a new recipe that’s either super easy and healthy or a challenge to create. It may be educating yourself on safety and protecting your family.

To be truly in the moment takes a strong body and mind, so we also feature a variety of nutrition ideas and workout variations in addition to highlighting mental health and psychological articles of importance.

As most of us know, we learn from history, or are doomed to repeat it. History can be shockingly moteventurous. People do the craziest things that continue to fascinate us throughout the generations. Mysteries, discoveries, and unbelievable accomplishments pepper our history, begging us to share those times with our readers.

So, in a nutshell, what does being ‘Moteventurous’ mean? The answer is a simple one. You’re here in this moment…make the most of it…be motivated…be adventurous…BE ALIVE.

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