What was the best compliment you’ve received?

There was that time I was in our local grocery store just minding my own business, when a random woman came up to me and told me that I looked just like Dr. “So-and-So” from The Bold & The Beautiful. I left the store wondering if she needed glasses.

My favorite compliment however would be something that happened several decades ago at Mercy Hospital downtown. That morning, my wife and I had an appointment with an “actual” doctor as my wife was a few days past her due date with her pregnancy. Due to going into labor, we ended up meeting him downtown at the hospital.

At 6:11 that evening, our daughter was born, and she was gorgeous (I know I’m just a bit biased). Being brand new parents, we didn’t want to let her out of our sight, even though my wife was naturally exhausted. We wanted to simply bask in the new addition to our family.

Just before bed, a nurse entered our hospital room and advised she needed to have the baby stay in the nursery overnight for observation (just normal procedure at the time). We hesitantly agreed, even though thoughts of accidental baby switching, kidnapping and every other negative thing that could happen raced through our minds.

I believe about 10 minutes went by before my wife implored me to go and check on the baby. I ambled down the hallway and noticed there were two younger guys (college age I’d guess) standing at the window of the nursery. With that Tuesday being a full moon, there were quite a few babies in their acrylic cribs on the other side of that window.

Standing next to these two guys, I was sweeping the room to find my new little one when one of them said “look at that one…she’s about as cute as you can get.” The guy’s friend said “Dude, definitely on it with that assessment.”

I smiled quite broadly and said “that’s my brand new daughter.”

They both broke into wide smiles too and said “Bro, congratulations! She’s freakin’ adorable.”

The thing that made the compliment so good was that they had no idea I was the new Dad and the comments were so genuine and completely unassuming.

That freakin’ adorable little girl has a little one of her own now…and I swear you can see his Mom in both his smile and his eyes. The best feeling ever!

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