Write about a few of your favorite family traditions.

I thought I’d take a moment to answer the prompt question from my platform today.

Last month, I delved into my mom’s tradition of “bed presents” on Christmas morning, so let me think a moment on other things I look forward to or emulate on a regular basis each year.

At Christmas, as a child, I always found a Lifesaver’s Storybook in my stocking. My daughter took up the tradition that continues today (I so love the Butter Rum flavor!).

When that first snowfall of the season happens, we have a tradition in the family of falling back into it and making snow angels…better when we’re all together as an extended family as well.

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Another Christmas tradition is chili in addition to oyster stew on Christmas Eve with my in-laws. One of the first holidays I spent with my wife’s family when we were dating involved my future mother-in-law serving oyster stew before evening church service. Being frank, I choked just enough of the broth down to not offend my hosts, later confessing to my girlfriend how much of a non-fan I was of oysters. The next Christmas rolled around, and next to the oyster stew on the stove was a big pot of chili. It’s been that way now for nearly 30 years!

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At Easter, one of the items we always included in my daughter’s Easter basket was a Panorama Sugar Easter Egg purchased from The Chocolate Storybook candy store in our neighborhood.

More recently, we put together our home drive-in theatre on our garage door to screen great movies from the past as well as some recent releases.

What are some traditions you enjoy during the year with your family?

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