“Liberal: A power worshipper without power.”

George Orwell

“Conservatism is less a set of ideas than it is a pathological distemper, a militant anger over the fact that the universe is not closed, and life is not static.”

Bill Moyers

Walter Cronkite was a different kind of liberal journalist. Instead of being in your face like CNN’s Don Lemon or MSNBC’s Joy Reid, he had a certain style that made you feel like your Uncle Walt was giving you an update on the world each night on the CBS Evening News. Perhaps parents and media types could see it, but for the average person, he seemed unbiased.

Years later of course, we’d discover Cronkite was indeed a liberal journalist, no different in substance from the biased reporters we have in present day, be it on the left or right along the political spectrum.

With the midterm elections approaching in mere days, we thought it would be an appropriate time to break from our tradition of avoiding politics to see how our readers feel about the direction our country is moving in presently and which philosophy is best suited to handle it in the future.

First, here are some fascinating facts about liberals and conservatives:

  • Liberals trust 28 of 36 mainstream news sources, while conservatives distrust 24 of 36 mainstream news sources
  • Famous liberal James Carville is married to famous conservative Mary Matalin, and they were romantically involved when running opposite presidential campaigns (Bush v Clinton)
  • The town of Liberal, Kansas is over 70% conservatives
  • Tucker Carlson (conservative political commentator who rags on “elites”) went to a private boarding school and attended a small private liberal arts college. His stepmother is Patricia Caroline Swanson, heir to the Swanson frozen food fortune.
  • Conservative people are predisposed to fear and see a more “hostile”, threatening world whereas liberals aren’t and see a more benign and safer world. This explains why liberals and conservative people believe things the way they do on issues such as gun rights, religion, immigration, etc.
  • Liberals generally prefer basic science, including physics, astronomy and zoology, while conservatives favor the more applied and commercial sciences, with topics ranging from criminology and medicine to geophysics.
  • The Liberal Democratic Party of Japan is actually conservative
  • Conservatives tend to prefer dogs while liberals tend to prefer cats.
  • The connotation of left and right relating to liberal and conservative originated during the French Revolution
  • The upcoming generation Z (those born 1995 or later) lean liberal-moderate with social issues, like support for marriage equality and civil rights, and moderate-conservative with fiscal and security issues, and are shaping up to be the most conservative generation since WWII

Source: Interesting Facts World

With those thoughts in mind, “This…or That?” this week will unscientifically determine whether we gravitate more toward liberal or conservative political philosophy when it comes to government “of the people, by the people, for the people”.

While you consider your decision, watch a few videos that explore the differences between liberals and conservatives.

Not about cake, but what a good song

You simply choose your favorite (dare we say “vote’) and review the results below.

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