As we head out this afternoon to take in a movie (“Elvis”), we thought it would be a good time to leave you with a few items you may not have noticed on the site, and hopefully have some time to peruse over the weekend. If you like the content, please share our site and help us grow!

Image Credit: Creative Commons

We all have items around the house that we know someone else could make better use of. We post a handful of these items on Moteventure Marketplace, where you can purchase them via PayPal at the link above. Check it out!

Make your voice heard by choosing your favorite between two specific items (Coke vs. Pepsi, Star Wars vs. Star Trek, Beach vacation vs. Mountain Retreat), and find out if you’re in the majority!

Revisit some excellent fitness tips from our “Moteventurous Fitness Weekend” post. Everything from HIIT workouts, TikTok fitness challenges, Burpees, and even the 100 best fitness tips of all time.

Revisit our monthly Top Ten posts at Moteventure all the way back to January of 2021! This is where you get to the good stuff.

Curious what the current number 1 movie or tv show is, or the rankings of your favorite MLB teams, or what’s topping the video game charts? You can find an up-to-date list on Moteventure anytime by visiting our “Moteventurous #1’s” page.

Interested in merch from Moteventure? The shirts are so soft, it’s almost like you’re not wearing it. A number of styles and colors to choose from. How moteventurous are you?

Who hasn’t had the dream of writing the great American novel? Check out our thriller’s first chapter under our pseudonym D.S. Factor!

What’s it about?

Abi Spencer awakens to an empty house with what feels like the SWAT-Team converging onto her property. Without any knowledge of why and her husband Brad nowhere to be found, she slips out of the house and on the run into a high-tech nightmare she could not have imagined with an enemy that is seemingly relentless.


In proper circular structure, we thought we’d leave you with our list of our favorite Elvis Presley tunes. Coming soon? Our 10 favorite guilty pleasure songs from the 90’s!


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