All is Calm…All is Bright

On the eleventh day of highlighting lesser known Christmas songs (or overlooked versions of traditional songs), my choice of song is “Silent Night”. When contemplating the artist to include here, I was faced with a dilemma, as there are so many different excellent versions of this classic. In the end, I decided to go with a new recording by American Idol winner Carrie Underwood.

As is often the case with “Silent Night” with many artists, the track closes out Underwood’s 2020 “My Gift” holiday offering. Majestic is a good word for the arrangement…simple and exquisite are Carrie’s crystal clear vocals. There is no sign of a producer creating a huge overdone spectacle…the music itself is calm (and bright), which is a feat considering today’s musical landscape.

Carrie Underwood

As the winner of the 4th season of “American Idol”, Carrie Underwood has since become a staple on both pop and country playlists. She has sold 70 million records, making her the most successful of Idol alums (edging out Kelly Clarkson).

Her single releases include the hits “Before He Cheats”, “Jesus, Take the Wheel”, “Undo It”, “Church Bells”, “The Fighter” (with Keith Urban), “Cry Pretty”, and “Drinking Alone”.

Underwood is a 7-time Grammy winner, has earned 11 Billboard Music Awards, 5 CMT Artist of the Year awards, and is also a 3 time Entertainer of the Year award winner from the Academy of Country Music (the first woman in history to do so). Her most recent album (excluding “My Gift”) is 2018’s “Cry Pretty”.

If you’d like to listen to the playlist as it’s created this month, preview the tracks and then log into Spotify to listen!

Other Moteventurous Christmas Songs from this artist:

  • HALLELUJAH (featuring John Legend)
  • I’LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS (featuring Elvis Presley)
  • ALL IS WELL (featuring Michael W. Smith)

As always, if there is a holiday song you want me to hear and/or highlight here, add it in the comments below. Enjoy your day!

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