Update: COVID-19 Silent Sync Challenge

As most US states begin the process of re-opening their economies, we all know there is a delicate balance between economic vs. pandemic recovery. We may have flattened the curve in many areas and limited the influx of patients into our healthcare system, but the financial impact of the pandemic is far from over. News outlets worldwide are raising the probability of a second wave, just as Wuhan is struggling with outbreaks in various areas of their city.

Coronavirus hasn’t vanished. The need hasn’t diminished. Whether you donate directly or help raise awareness at this critical time by participating in the challenge, we all have an opportunity to make a difference at this pivotal time in our history.

GoFundMe.org’s Covid-19 Relief Fund – Your donation is tax-deductible

For details on accepting the Covid-19 Silent Sync Challenge, click the image to the left.

Please share this information with as many friends, family, connections, colleagues, and (if you know some) celebrities as possible.

Your efforts provide needed assistance to those who are hungry, those unemployed at this time, small businesses working to survive, as well as our most vulnerable citizens who need our protection. THANK YOU!

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