Summer 2018 – What’s the Plan?


As I prepared to take my Corgi pup for a walk this morning before heading off to work, I grabbed my shoes and slid them on while sitting on the living room stairs, casually asking Alexa what the current temperature was.  The familiar blue circle lit up immediately on the puck-shaped disk (no crazed laughing thankfully), and she calmly recited the current forecast, along with mentioning it was currently 29 degrees outside.

I slipped my jacket, stocking cap, and gloves on, and called for Scamp.  He came trotting down the stairs, had to roll a bit on his back and twist back and forth before he decided to come over to have his leash snapped on.

While we walked, I reflected on how quickly this cold would turn into summer and how little time my team and I had at work to plan and set in motion our competitive game for the summer of 2018.

Collectively, we’d moved a bit on our concept, and just a few weeks ago I realized I wanted to return to a game we first played 6 years ago…Humans vs. Zombies.  It would be much easier to put together and pull off than our previous plans, and after completing an online survey of my past players, I realized what my fellow colleagues were really looking forward to was another year of pure physical, active competition.

So, with that in mind, I plan on periodically taking a detour from the active explanation of my process of planning an event via the blog, and instead providing you with quick updates on how 2018’s event is going.  So, here goes…

Last week, during spring break, I met with Eight Seven Central, our merchandise vendor in the East Village in downtown Des Moines, to get designs started for our t-shirts and other merchandise for HVZ2.  I was pretty stoked when Tony emailed me mocked-up designs with our customized zombie earlier this week.

I met with my events team this afternoon and we began to narrow down the list of charities our players will be able to compete on behalf of, and put together a draft copy of the HVZ “Save-The-Date” posters we’ll post.

Overall, it was a great day.  Thanks for reading.  Please be sure to follow via email if you are not on WordPress already…the box is in the lower right corner of the site…enter your email and you’re set.

If you want to know more about my pup Scamp (or great information on dogs in general), check out my wife’s blog, Corgi Bliss!


Until next time..




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