Building your Corporate Event Management Team


Before you move your project ahead to the full planning stage, you want to be sure you have a solid team built in order to execute the plan successfully.


  • You’ll benefit greatly from both creative as well as analytical types on your team.
  • Does your office employ marketing or communications team members?  If so, convince them to join your team…they’re creative and invaluable.
  • To help your event steer clear of any legal hurdles, reach out to your compliance team and encourage them to join your event team or  consult when necessary.
  • Planning is only as good as what you put down on paper or save to a document on your computer.  Make sure you document everything (good and bad ideas or processes), and that you version it if the event is highly complicated.  I have been fortunate to have a great colleague that does this so much better than I could ever do.  Find yourself that person, and you’re well on your way to a successful game or event.
  • Find your skeptics and sign them up!  These individuals are the ones that are allies in making sure each specific part of your event is locked down and will not fail.  They question your thinking and push you to really think things through before the event is live and you’re unable to retract any portion of the plan.
  • Depending upon the scale of the event, I reach out to many colleague volunteers on an adhoc basis to assist when needed.  Without these folks, things would never run as smooth as they should.
  • Lastly, you need the driver/leader of the event.

It’s important to know that although your team is assigned specific roles, the best strategy overall is to be very open and flexible in how those roles play out.  Some of the best ideas we’ve had are those that have been collectively designed.  Play off each other’s ideas and continue to brainstorm to make the end result unforgettable.

Until next time…Thank you!




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