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We are publishing the novel in small installments, so it takes only minutes to keep up with the story. Many years ago, we were fans of Stephen King’s installment-based publishing of “The Green Mile” over many months, so we are following in that vein as a feature on Moteventure.

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Chapter Seven

“What is all this?” Caroline Kramer stammered, visibly shocked and shaken at what appeared to be the vaccine-like medical set-up before the group. Others in the room loitered about the coffee and pastries, while also keeping their ears pealed for the crux of the confrontation between Kramer & Thrasher. 

“You aren’t seriously thinking we’re going to allow ourselves to be injected with this here and now? There’s been no testing of this whatsoever that I’m aware of.” 

Thrasher narrowed his eyes and looked directly at Caroline. “How about if I cut to the chase. You know as well as I do that the capsule housing MARQ technology has been used for decades and isn’t a foreign entity risk to the human body in any event. Its construction is of silicate glass that once introduced into the upper thumb area is nearly flawless and indestructible in its functional execution.” 

“But there are rules and formal processes we go through to have this approved with the proper authorities. The WHO, the NIH, hell, even the FDA. We can’t just do whatever we want here.”  

“Are we a publicly held company?” Thrasher inquired. 

“No, I realize that.” Kramer conceded. 

“Then, where’s the problem? The technology is self-contained in the implant, so there’s no health risk involved to the patient. It’s all a win-win.”  

With that, the individual who appeared to be facilitating the implant procedure addressed to the room to organize into two lines on each side of the boardroom table.  

Reaching for the phone clipped to her waist, Caroline began to input numbers, when Thrasher unexpectedly seized it from her hand. 

“You might want to get into line. You won’t be needing this.” as he turned slightly, skimming the phone across the high-gloss sheen of the table to a colleague who caught it and slipped it into his jacket pocket. 

As he smiled at Kramer, Thrasher slipped his own phone out and entered a sequence of numbers into the device and calmly addressed the room. “Good morning, everyone. Our medical team is here today to help us facilitate the first phase of our rollout of the MARQ technology, with each of you being a test subject. We anticipate no serious side effects or issues with the implant, which is why we’re moving along a more unorthodox route, contrary to Dr. Kramer’s preferred method of approach. With the market for this type of technology moving at lightning speed, it’s imperative that we strike while the iron’s hot. To do otherwise would be risking the vast capital we’ve poured into R&D for this project. Although Dr. Kramer has repeatedly expressed her hesitation on the rollout, as CEO, I am ultimately responsible for the success of this project, so we’ll begin with our testing in a few minutes.” 

Fuming without visibly showing it, Caroline stepped from the line forming and moved through the doors triggered by an automated detection system. Once she approached the bank of elevators, she aligned her eyes again with the ocular reader on the wall. Momentarily flashing green, the device changed to red and began to emit an odd, subdued beeping sound. 

Changing course to instead take the stairs as the sound from the ocular reader escalated in volume, Caroline turned to find a pair of muscular men she’d never seen before traversing their way down the hallway to intercept her before reaching the stairs. Reversing direction, she was able to amble quickly down the hallway, finally reaching the door to the stairwell on the opposite side of the building. Descending the floors at a quick clip, eventually hitting ground level, Caroline yanked on the door handle to reach an exit, nearly colliding with a different pair of men whose dark suits seemed to be two sizes too small for their brawn. 

“Dr. Kramer, Mr. Thrasher has requested you come with us.”  

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