Write a letter to your 100-year-old self.

Dear Me,

Today is March 13, 2064, and I’m writing to tell you of how blessed you are to have lived the life you’ve led. You were fortunate to be born the seventh child of the two soul mates you called Mom and Dad. Although your Dad’s time on Earth was way too brief, you benefited greatly from their love for you.

As unfortunate as it was to lose a parent in your teens, just know that you would have never met or fallen in love with your own soul mate had things happened differently. In the depths of your despair, God knew just what you needed and provided your saving grace in the most beautiful of ways.

When later your Mom said goodbye with just the two of you in a hospital room with a nurse attending, God knew your in-laws were more than just your better half’s parents. You weren’t just their son-in-law. You were the son they never had.

Don’t forget that beautiful baby girl whose smile would crinkle up her nose and light up her eyes just like her Mama’s, melting your heart that first time you held her – the same way she did when you walked her down the aisle at Living History Farms to give her away decades later.

And yet the gifts kept coming, this time in the form of a little guy who would toddle across the floor, reach into a basket by the door and bring you “Papa’s Shoes”, signaling it was time to go outside to play trucks in the sand. For just a moment you forgot time when you’d look into his eyes. You’d seen them before…several times.

Amongst both triumphs and tragedies, your destiny and your life has and is as blessed today as it has always been. Embrace it.

Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you…


Love, Me

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