What is the last thing you learned?

While working remotely from home this week, I spent portions of several days (re)learning Microsoft Access for a few project improvements I’m working on into Spring.

Like most Microsoft programs, it seems there are a multitude of avenues to getting something done. Although I’d done the originally programming to make it work for my office and my colleagues, after a considerable amount of time passing by, I’d forgotten much of what I knew.

To be honest, there’s a certain high you feel when you challenge yourself and make something work. I can imagine what Thomas Edison felt like (to a much smaller degree) when the light bulb first came on. A sense of accomplishment from many instances of failure.

I do have to send a shout-out to Bing Search for helping me remember of course, but I just consider that another learning tool.

Please take a moment to share what you’ve recently learned with our readers in the comment below.

Next week I’ll be on vacation, so my posts will likely be short and sweet (perhaps you’ll like that!), but I’ll be back a week from Monday with the usual awesome and moteventurous “Today’s 10”.

Have a blessed weekend!

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