The clean-up is all done now, and I certainly hope they got all the nails. The impact of a huge hailstorm in August is now erased with a brand-new roof on both our home and garage.

This weekend has been filled with elusive but needed downtime. I was able to finish reading “Fairy Tale” by Stephen King (classic King including the book being 600 pages long), and then we watched a couple new tv series last evening (“Alaska Daily” with Hilary Swank and “Fire Country” with Max Thieriot of “Bates Motel”), with both pilots being promising for the season.

We have discovered our followers tend to enjoy updates over the weekends, so today we’re posting a quick update on what’s new at Moteventure, and what we recommend you find time to check out this weekend. If you enjoy our content, please share our site and help us grow!

Image Credit: Creative Commons

Thursday’s post, “Our Ten” featuring our favorite Dolly Parton tunes has become one of our most popular selections in the series already! One thing we love is learning about tracks we haven’t yet experienced. “Light of a Clear Blue Morning” is one that was mentioned a number of times, so we listened to it a number of times today and loved the interplay between an almost spiritual ballad, with it building slowly over the course of the track, eventually rolling steady to the finish.

In researching the song, I found it sprang from the experience of the end of the legal trauma caused by Dolly’s split with business partner Porter Wagoner. To me, it serves as a sequel to “I Will Always Love You”, as the song celebrates freedom and the promise of a bright future with the coming of the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. Thanks for bringing this excellent song to our attention!

Somedays, we see a resurgence in views on specific topics or posts within the site. There does seem to be a bit of renaissance with this particular post from October of 2021 (with obvious reason). With the uptick in views, it’s only logical we’d add this to our weekend spotlight…so, STOP! Collaborate and read this post…again!

Make your voice heard by choosing your favorite between two specific items (The Book vs. The Movie, Coke vs. Pepsi, Star Wars vs. Star Trek, Beach vacation vs. Mountain Retreat), and find out if you’re in the majority! Got a suggestion for a future “This…or That”? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of the page or via Feedback.

Revisit our monthly Top Ten posts at Moteventure all the way back to January of 2021! This is where you get to peruse the good stuff.

Curious who’s ruling the AP Poll in College Football? Do you know what the current number 1 movie or tv show is, or the rankings of your favorite MLB teams, or what’s topping the video game charts? You can find an up-to-date list on Moteventure anytime by visiting our “Moteventurous #1’s” page.

Interested in merch from Moteventure? The shirts are so soft, it’s almost like you’re not wearing it. A number of styles and colors to choose from. How moteventurous are you?

We’ve added tees for Halloween, Christmas, and will be adding more soon!

Who hasn’t had the dream of writing the great American novel? Check out the latest under our pseudonym D.S. Factor!

What’s it about?

Abi Spencer awakens to an empty house with what feels like the SWAT-Team converging onto her property. Without any knowledge of why and her husband Brad nowhere to be found, she slips out of the house and on the run into a high-tech nightmare she could not have imagined with an enemy that is seemingly relentless.

Dolly Parton

In proper circular structure, we thought we’d leave you with our recent list of our favorite Dolly Parton tunes. Coming soon? Our 10 favorite one hit wonders!


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