What makes a blog interesting? How does a blogger appeal to a broad audience who possess diverse interests with varying degree of attention spans?

With Moteventure, my approach when we shifted from competitive event-driven content to news-driven content (at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic) was to seek out topics that appealed to me personally or captured my attention, hoping they’d grab my readers’ attention as well.

So, with today’s post, like any experiment, I’m at the stage where I connect with you, my faithful reader, personally, gauging and measuring my success so far. Would you take a moment to provide feedback in our comments about what you think about Moteventure? If you’re new to Moteventure, let us know what brought you to our site and your first impressions.

What are we curious about?

  • What is your favorite part of the Moteventure site?
  • What doesn’t appeal to you?
  • Is there a topic (history, sports, entertainment, news, etc) that you’d recommend us post more often about?
  • Do you feel our site is worth sharing with your friends? If not, what would you recommend we do to encourage you to help us grow?
  • Is there a feature (Moteventurous #1’s, This vs. That, Top 10 Posts for example) you really like and look forward to checking out?
  • Do you like the news links or would you rather see more personal stories and opinion?
  • If you haven’t clicked the “Follow” or “Subcribe” buttons yet, why not?

Those are just a few examples of what we want…what we really, really want….to know.

You can either hit the “Feedback” button in the upper right side on the site or leave a comment at the bottom of the post.

Your thoughts and suggestions are what drive us to improve and make our site better with each day’s posting. Thank you so much for providing your thoughts, views and feedback!

Have a moteventurous day!

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