Part 2: Don’t Take My Word For It – An Interview With My Creative Team


In my last blog entry, I introduced you to an eclectic group of individuals who have an impressive knack for taking a basic idea and transforming it into a motivational and lively workplace event.  For those who missed that entry, please find it here.

Now, take a few minutes from your day to read the conclusion of the interview.

For those this applies to, contrast planning versus competing in an event.  I know 6 of you have actually competed, so your answers will be interesting to hear…

CHAD (The Visionary)  My brain is not out of shape, so I tend to plan.  Playing is much more physical, although you do need brains to play the game(s) too of course.  On the other hand, the planning takes hours while the playing takes minutes.

ERIN (The Devil’s Advocate)  Definitely Chad!  Planning the events involves a lot more of your time than playing.  Playing is just plain fun and especially for those who are competitive it can get intense.  Planning the event is rewarding to see it all come together and is a lot of fun to see the competitors having fun and have it be a big success.

TAYLOR (The Enforcer)  I have only been on the planning side of the process, so officially, “no comment”.

KELLY (The Scribe)  I started out playing the games, but the anticipation of the unknown just wasn’t my thing.  I’m not a competitive person by nature, so planning the games is much more suited to my personality.

WILL (The Examiner) Playing the game is a whole lot easier.  All you have to do is sit back and await the event to be revealed to you.  Planning takes many hours of dedication, reviewing, checking, inspecting, examining, assessing, practice runs, set up, tear down, clean up and more.

KENZIE (The New Recruit)  I’ll echo the group sentiment…planning takes a lot more time than playing…be prepared for that.

DAVID (The Prodigal)  From a competition perspective, the more intense challenges were difficult for me.  I am more of a thinker and a strategist, therefore the planning, implementation, and watching the game play out is more rewarding for me.

What is the best thing you’ve seen pulled off in the course of our events…what energized you most?   

KELLY  There have been so many amazing challenges, it’s hard to choose just one.  I like the element of danger…snakes, racing on horseback, archery.  Who gets to do those things at work?  We do!  Personal future challenge goals at work?  Getting swimming in the pond, paintball, and rappelling off the roof approved for our challenges.  Fingers crossed!

KENZIE  Just the engagement of the employees has definitely been the most motivating and energizing for me.

TAYLOR Our ability to take something very little and transform it into a grand event.

ERIN  The most energizing is when competition is tight and it’s a foot race to the finish.  That is always the most exciting for everyone, both the players and the committee.  When a finale is a landslide then it can be anti-climatic.   Finale at the local restaurant and the last team running through the weeds to pass up the other teams with the final puzzle solved!  Or Humans crawling their way to get into the final location and dodging zombies.  That is energizing!

WILL I’ve seen live animals (snakes, baby alligators, horses, dogs), elaborate obstacle courses, jumbo play houses, support from police and fire departments, “Thriller” dancing, puzzle solving, nasty food eating, relay races, but my favorite challenge was having random wacky clothes and accessories for each contestant that they had to wear, then race to another location throughout the building.  It was hysterical.  But the thing that energizes me most is seeing everyone laughing, conversing afterward, and enjoying the sheer craziness of it all.  People love to play these games.  It brings out their anticipation, competitive nature, and their fun spirits, at WORK of all places.

KELLY  Nasty food!  Yes!  Having the participants eat or drink foods/smoothies is always super fun too.  They love it…as much as they say they hate it!

DAVID  One year, a colleague hid in an empty office the very last day of our first “Humans vs. Zombies” competition, and became “The Champ” for that season.  It was EPIC!

CHAD  Last year, during “Relentless”, we partnered with the local police department.  That was epic for me.

First of all, thanks to all of you for agreeing to give me your unvarnished thoughts on competitive work events and how they personally impact you at work.  It’s been insightful and I think will be enlightening to my audience.  Before I let you go, do you have any final thoughts to impart to my readers?

KENZIE  From a planning perspective, always be ready for every changing movements.  Quick on your feet and open to new ideas!

KELLY  Organizing these events throughout the workplace has been nothing but a positive experience for me.  Yes, there have been some last minute, late nights of wrapping things up before the next day’s challenge, but our team always pulls together and we get the job done.  To see our colleagues having a great time, broadening their horizons beyond their cubicle walls…and knowing that we are all doing it for a great cause…there is no greater joy than knowing we have literally raised tens of thousands of dollars for charities over the years.

CHAD  We all know I’m the brains of this operation.  Haha

TAYLOR  I love being part of this group.  Bringing the building together for one event is the best feeling ever.

ERIN  It’s fun to get away from your desk and get involved in something more than your day-to-day work.  So whether you play or plan, get involved!

If you are so inclined, leave a comment and let our panel know what you think about the terrific job they do…all for fellow colleagues and those strangers whose lives they’ve touched for nearly a decade through their charitable efforts. 

Check back often for more information on competitive workplace events…through MotEVENTure!


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